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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I make a site visit to The Trolley Barn?

Our office hours are Monday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. You may stop by at your convenience during the week. Please make an appointment if you plan to visit on a Saturday as The Barn is sometimes closed due to events. You may schedule an appointment by calling 404-521-2308.

How do I get to The Trolley Barn?

The Trolley Barn is two miles east of downtown Atlanta. The address is 963 Edgewood Ave., Atlanta, GA 30307.

Access from the North off 1-75/85: Exit at Jesse Hill Dr., Exit 248-1). Continue forward on Jesse Hill Dr. for three blocks until you reach Edgewood Ave. Turn left onto Edgewood Ave. for approximately two miles. The Trolley Barn will be on your right.

Access from the South off 1-75/85: Exit at Edgewood Ave., Exit 248-B. At the stop light, turn right onto Edgewood Ave. and continue forward for approximately two miles. The Trolley Barn will be on your right.

Does The Trolley Barn have space for both the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception?

Yes. The main hall is 2700 square feet; the patio is 2500 square feet; and the mezzanine is 700 square feet. Wedding ceremonies can be held inside or outside; wedding reception are usually held inside.

Does The Trolley Barn have a dressing room for brides?

Yes. The brides' dressing room is approximately 170 square feet and features a platform and a three-way mirror.

What are The Trolley Barn's rental fees and what is included in the rental fee?

The Trolley Barn rents for a block of time depending on the day, time and month of your event. The block of time rented includes the setup, the event and the take down/clean up. For specific information, go to the fee schedule.

Included with the rental is the use of the main hall, kitchen, mezzanine, and patio areas as well as 10 tables that are six feet by thirty inches.

An event attendant is on site during the event.

If the wedding ceremony is at The Trolley Barn, a one-hour rehearsal is included at no additional charge.

How can I check on availability?

You can check on availability by going to "Check Availability" on The Barn's web site,

How can I secure a date for rental of The Trolley Barn?

To secure a date at The Trolley Barn, we require the completion of a Rental and Deposit Agreement and a deposit of one-half of the base rental fee. The deposit is nonrefundable.

What forms of payment does The Trolley Barn accept?

The Trolley Barn accepts personal and business checks and cash. We do not accept credit cards.

What are the time restrictions at The Trolley Barn?

The Trolley Barn usually does not open before 10 a.m. Monday through Saturday and will not open before 1 1•.00 a.m. on Sundays absent special permission. The Barn must be closed by 1 a.m. for Friday and Saturday events and by 12:00 a.m. for events Sunday through Thursday.

How many people can The Trolley Barn accommodate?

The Trolley Barn can accommodate up to 250 people buffet style and 180 for a seated event. Optimal size event is between 100 and 200 guests.

Does The Trolley Barn require use of preferred vendors?

No. The Trolley Barn is open to the vendors of your choice.

With caterers, The Barn requires a copy of the caterer's current business license and proof of insurance in a minimum aggregate liability amount of $1,000,000. Caterers are encouraged to visit The Trolley Barn during our office hours.

What is the alcohol policy at The Trolley Barn?

The Trolley Barn does not have a liquor license.

Alcoholic beverages dispensed at no charge to event guests do not require licensing. You may bring your alcoholic beverages to The Barn or purchase alcoholic beverages through your caterer.

If you anticipate a cash bar, you must satisfy all local, state and federal licensing and taxing issues.

Where can guests park at The Trolley Barn and what are the parking fees?

The Trolley Barn has 15 on-site spaces on the side of the building and two handicap spaces at the main entrance. additional 52 off-street spaces are available at two lots, one directly across the street from The Barn and one a half a block from The Barn. Parking is also available on both sides of Edgewood Avenue.

There is no charge for parking.

Does The Trolley Barn have a sound policy?

Yes. The maximum decibel allowance, measured from the mezzanine, is an average of 90 decibels as measured by our barn attendant.

The Barn strictly enforces the sound policy because of its location in the middle of a residential neighborhood.

How loud is 90 decibels?

90 decibels allows for a good dance level and comfortable socializing for guests. Experts believe that prolonged exposure to sounds above 85 decibels without any protection can damage your hearing.

Is The Trolley Barn heated and air conditioned?

Yes, The Barn is fully climate controlled.

Can the patio be tented?

Yes. The maximum allowable tent size is 30 feet by 50 feet. Tents are weighted by water-no stakes are permitted in the lawn.

Does The Trolley Barn provide security during events?

Yes. The Trolley Barn requires a security officer at all events. The Trolley Barn provides the security officer and the cost is passed on to the Lessee.

Does The Trolley Barn have non-profit rates?

Yes. Non-profit rates are available to 501(c)(3) organizations. Call The Trolley Barn for more information.

Revised 12/31/2015